Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Aren't birthdays funny? I remember being a kid and just loving all the attention. I loved how my mom would make the world come to a stop for me. Balloons, cakes, gifts, smiles ....
Nowadays it's like pulling teeth to get me to answer the phone that day . This year was no different. The fact I've been sick with a cold from hell for over a week I wasn't in the mood for a rip roaring party. Quite the opposite in fact and it was my favorite birthday to date. Woke up early went out to breakfast with the husband. Ate myself silly mostly all day. We sat around all day and watched movies, snuggled on the sofa. Even covered in pug fur and feeling like a sloth it was a damn near perfect day.

I'm loving the cold January weather we are having. Loving sitting at work watching the paparazzi go wild at d list stars. constant entertainment. My goal for 34 is to slow down and notice more things. Top of the list of things blowing my mind as of late ...... Beverly hills has no telephone polls or electrical lines. It's all tucked into alleyways so that the streets look clean. Mind blown it doesn't take much.

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