Monday, February 17, 2014

storytelling With Website Copywriting

When was the last time you heard a good story? It could be a funny anecdote that your friend told you or maybe some ludicrous gossip at work which had you hooked – either way, anything which gets you interested usually gets passed on. This is how viral marketing works. Someone creates a funny image or a thought provoking story and within minutes it is spread from person to person across the web. Imagine if you could have the same effect with your product or service – that's a lot of extra people you could reach. The aim of effective website copywriting is to tell a story which inspires people to buy your product or sign up for your service. Even if what you're selling is sold by other people across the internet and even if they sell it for a lower price – website copywriting can improve your sales no matter what you sell. So what's the magic formula to make any product or service fly off the shelves? Simply write about it in such a way that people have to buy it from you.

Shopping stories

Think about the last time you went on a shopping trip, as you were moving from aisle to aisle or shop to shop there was probably a dialogue going on in your head. This dialogue is different for each individual person but it could have been similar to the following...
- 'I need some new eye shadow so I look great at the party tonight and feel confident enough to chat to new people.'
- 'I should buy that new suit so that I look smart enough to have a better chance of getting that job.'
- 'That plant would brighten up my office and make me feel more like going into work.'

There are millions of reasons why people buy the things they do but it's rarely for the reasons the people selling them think. There's not a lot in life that people actually need to buy other than basic food and somewhere to live so why do we spend thousands of pounds a year buying 'stuff'?

Advertising the benefits

Advertisers know that we are susceptible to this unnecessary spending which is why they appeal to our desire to be richer, thinner, happier etc. If you run a business then you are an advertiser and you need to tell your customers how your product or service can improve their lives.

If you sell whole foods for example then people aren't just buying your produce because it's organic, they're buying it so their neighbours see the whole foods van drop the produce off and ask them about it or maybe because they have a story to tell their guests about the food at their next dinner party. If your produce is great then word will spread and you'll receive referrals.

It's the same if you sell CDs, you're not just selling tunes for people to listen to but more specifically people will enjoy listening to them when they're getting ready for a night out or to make driving long distances more fun. When you can pin point the reasons why people are buying from you, you can then start to tailor your marketing to appeal to these reasons and get people talking about you.

Website copywriting

As website copywriters, we sell words to fill websites, blogs, newsletters and landing pages but people don't buy words from us. People buy website content which will help their website perform better in the search engines and bring them more visitors and therefore more money in online sales. We create website copy which makes a website look more professional so people are confident that their website tells a story which will make people buy from them.

If you have a story to tell but aren't sure how to tell it then get in touch with the website copywriters at Pure Ink Creative and we will make sure your website copy brings you more visitors, more customers and more money.

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